We are a womenswear & lifestyle brand with sustainability missions to create a positive impact on all stakeholders; including the people behind our creations.


Supporting the Local Communities.

Majority of our products are hand-tailored by local talents based in Thailand. We deal with most of our tailors directly so they can benefit fully financially without any percentage cuts from the middleman. Most of our tailors work at home with flexible working hours while looking after their family or loved ones.

We also partner with smaller production houses to ensure safe work environment and ethical pay. None of our products are made in ‘sweatshops’ and big factories with poor working conditions.

We believe in paying our tailors a ‘living wage’ not ‘minimum wage’ to ensure a certain standard of living. On average, we pay our workers 3-5 times more than fast fashion brands.

Made to Last.

All of our garment are hand sewed by very experienced tailors (most of which are above the age of 50!), you can enjoy, wear and cherish our high quality products for years to come.