Eco Focused

Here at SHE KNOWS, we prioritize the use of recycled fabric and certified low impact fibre. High impact fibre such as cotton and polyester are only used when absolutely necessary as these materials tend to be very durable and carefree to look after. With the correct use, these fibre can help prolong the life of the product so you can love and wear your clothes for longer.

Better Materials, Cleaner Planet

Recycled Fabric

Our Rework products are made from waste to minimize our environmental impact.

Closed Loop Factory

Our denims are dyed in a closed-loop factory to stop chemical waste going into our rivers and oceans.

Reduce Chemical

Our Core collection are made from GOTS* certified organic cotton with 0% toxics.

Plant Based

Our leather is plant-based and non-plastic; and is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly leather.

The most sustainable piece is in your wardrobe

The True Cost of Fashion

To help you make a conscious shopping choice, here are our ‘sustainability grade’ of our products based on their materials.

A: Recycled Fabric

Recycling and reducing waste; the best way to ‘close the loop’. Using recycled fabric also means we are not taking more resources from our planet.

Shop Grade A

B: Eco & Repurposed

Certified eco-friendly fabric with kinder environmental impact or repurposed materials that would otherwise go to landfills and become waste.

Shop grade B

C: Low impact fibre

A fibre that has a low impact on the environment during their production process - ie. low energy needed, low water needed or made with no soil erosion.

Shop Grade c

D: High impact fibre

High environmental footprint fabric that may need high water, high energy or toxic chemicals during the production process.

Shop grade d

Sustainable Clothes at a Reasonable Price

It is our mission to provide you with high quality, ethically made garments at an accessible price point. Using responsibly sourced materials and paying living wages does add up, making things quite expensive to produce. So we thought, why not just reduce our mark up?

1 Item = 1 Tree Planted

From Sep 2021 onwards, for every 1 item you buy from us, 1 tree will be planted in our reforestation project worldwide via Ecologi, as part of our mission to help restore the planet.